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Erzebet Carmen Igorievna Karkaroffa
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1st-Sep-2020 05:35 pm - HMD/Contact Post
ooc: Well the usual: If you have any constructive criticism, or want to contact Erzi or the mun for any plot plans, or what-you-will, do it here.
- Erzebet was born on May 22nd 1994, to Igor Karkaroff and Carmen Eugenia de Montalvo, a Spanish Countess who is also a pureblood witch.

- Her mother helped her father to escape the rage of the Death Eaters, but it was the Ministry of Magic the one to find him and send him to Azkaban. Her mother didn't go to Azkaban because  a lot of her friends at the Spanish Ministry of Magic managed to prove her innocence.

- Even though all of this has always made Erzi quite angry (don't mention it to her if you don't want to get hexed), she loves her parents, and goes to visit her father to Azkaban when she is able to.

- Her wands is 10 1/4inches long, of vinewood and with a thestral hair core.

- She's an ace at Charms, Potions, Astronomy, and DADA

- She's a Beater at the Slytherin Quidditch Team. Even though she is fairly good (she was offered to play with the Holyhead Harpies, but has declined), her behaviour when she is on the broom almost borders sadism sometimes, and quite a few members of the other teams have suffered wounds because the bludgers she sends.

- Is friends with the Lestranges, specially Lucida.

- Has a very slight crush on Snape. But that's something she will not admit even if you Crucio her.

-Is a polyglot. She speaks fluent English, Hungarian, Spanish, German, and Swedish. Also has knowledge of Latin and is trying to learn French and Greek.

- Has a certain obsession with Erzebet Bathory and with Japanese culture.
31st-Aug-2010 08:47 pm - "Hear my name, and despair!"
 Erzebet:Of the Hungarian, meaning "My God is a vow". It was the name of Erzebet Bathory "The Blood Countess" famous for killing young virgins and bathing in their blood ti retain her beauty. Also how the hungarian referred to Empress Sissi of Austria
Carmen: Of Old Latin, meaning "Song". The name of the famous gypsy seductress from Propser Merimee's novel and George Bizet's opera.
Igorievna: Patronimic. "Daughter of Igor". Igor is a Slavic name derived from the Scandinavian name Ingvar, meaning "protected by Ing"; Ing was another name for the Norse god of agriculture and weather, Freyr. Igor is also a stock character of horror literature and films, usually acting as a servant to the villain. (taken from Harry Potter wiki)
Karkaroffa: In Eastern Europe, the surnames are adapted to the person's gender. So, if her father's surname was Karkaroff, Erzi's would be Karkaroffa
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