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Erzebet Carmen Igorievna Karkaroffa
Erzebet Carmen Igorievna Karkaroffa

Slytherin. In her seventh year. Daughter  of Igor Karkaroff (who's currently in Azkaban) and Carmen Eugenia de Montalvo, a spanish pureblood witch of noble heritage who helped him in his escape. After he was caught and sent to Azkaban, her mother moved to England with Erzebet, and thus she began her time in Hogwarts, where she has earned the nickname of "The Blood  Countess", just like her namesake, Erzebet Bathory, because of her  behaviour (that sometimes borders on sadistic) at Quidditch. (She's been a beater of the Slytherin team since her second year)

(ooc: original character for the HP Au verse created by slyheiress and headofthesnake Not them, not JK Rowling, not Gemma Arterton.)
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